Helpful FUT Tips and Tricks for FIFA 17 Newbies

FIFA 17 is a leap in the right direction for EA Sports. Shrewdly taking advantage of current-gen’s capabilities with added emotional intelligence and improved animations, this is easily the prettiest EA Sports title this year. Unfortunately, game modes remain relatively unchanged, but if optimizing for current-gen currently means choosing between re-skinning them or omitting them entirely, we’ll gladly take the former. The expansive soundtrack is again of the best licensed ones of the year, crowds are more dynamic than ever and general production values are impressively polished. Thanks to the sport’s sudden increased popularity in the United States, we have a feeling this will be the introduction to the series for many gamers, and it represents it well.

Skills and tricks are lovely, but believe it or not, there’s more to FIFA 15 than dancing your way around unwitting defenders. A set of ideals need to be in place for you to sustain success, because even the most fancy of tricks can be found out by good players eventually. Whether you are new to the FIFA franchise altogether, or you simply are new to FIFA 17, you’re at something of an advantage, because there is now an abundance of advice out there from people who have been playing the game since its September 23rd release.  Here are some of the best tips and tricks we’ve found for FIFA 17: Astuce FIFA 17

Lob Shot  
Pull off a lob shot by holding LB/L1 as you shoot.  This will chip the ball up into the air; it’s sort of like golf. When should you pull off a lob shot?  Do it if you are one-on-one with the goalie and he sprints away from the net in a desperate attempt to reach you.  Right before he gets to you and dives at the ball, hit this shot, and if done right, it should go right over him and into the back of the net.

Add Value to Your Item
You need to add some values to your card to make it special. For example, by applying a right chemistry style to your player, you can give your card a better chance to be sold. The number of contracts is also a big deal for the player cards. Depending on the player and its market price range, you might be able to sell your card more expensive by applying a contract card to it. Other consumables such as player boosts could be also sales effective and be adding value to your price. To some people, the fitness value is also an important fact. These things are technically important when people compare your card to the other ones.

Get Strong
Ultimate team cards have a ‘physical’ rating on them for every player this year, meaning it is more important than ever to make sure your team can hold their own on the ball. The diminutive players with a low physical rating are going to have a much more difficult time getting away from their stronger defensive counterparts this season, as pace again becomes less of a dominant factor. Speed still kills, but it’s a good thing that matters have been evened out. It forces you to be more creative with the ball, instead of bulleting down the wings every five seconds. So think about how you can use strength to your advantage, and if you’re a team that doesn’t have any – be more creative. It’ll help you in the long run.

Sign youth players in career mode.
I think we can all agree that career mode remains one of the biggest weaknesses in FIFA 17, and could still use a lot of work, but there has been at least one positive change this year. And that’s the addition of some incredible youth players. These players don’t have a huge amount of training and experience, but you can grow them into amazing players within a few seasons. FIFA 17 Ultimate team hack

These preset tactics can only be used in Fifa Ultimate Team mode, but in career mode you are able to create your own with specific individual payer instructions. The whole tactics screen has also been given a new lick of paint, which makes it easier and quicker to make changes to your squad, such as a position change or a role adjustment. You can also Buy Fifa 17 Coins,FUT Coins to get great player. Tactics are one example of what can be managed via the voice recognition now implemented – it works well, enabling you to change on the fly anything preset but with a level of customization here, too, allowing you to change to your tactics.